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When you work with Windward, you team with a company that skips the “me too! me too!” approach to reporting and document generation.

brightnessThe Windward Story

Reporting and document generation should be simple, but for some reason the solutions most companies are forced to rely on make it overly complex, tedious and technical. Why can’t generating reports and documents from all your company’s data sources be as simple as creating a Microsoft Word document or Excel spreadsheet?

Our founder, Dave Thielen, asked himself that very question more than a decade ago after his then-boss handed him report mockups and asked him turn them into real reports with live data. Dave’s solution was to create software that provides a unique experience using Microsoft Office programs to format and edit report templates.

Behind the scenes, Windward’s sophisticated engine pulls data from multiple sources and merges that data into your reports and documents. We deliver a solution that allows IT professionals to create basic templates and business users to customize those templates and create variations to meet their reporting needs. It’s a fast and hassle-free experience that can actually make generating reports fun.

pdf-75Learn more about us – read The Windward Difference.

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 starOur Core Values at Windward

The level of enjoyment our customers have when our software is reflected in our company culture as well: we love what we do and focus entirely on reporting and docgen.

Our positive and highly productive environment is geared to the best and the brightest (see what openings are currently available).

Windward Core Values

At Windward, we succeed because we embrace these guiding values:

1. Create a Team of “A” Players

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Freedom & flexibility to get the job done
  • Consistently high performance

2. Do Our Damnedest to Delight the Customer – From Product to Sales to Support

3. Be the Company Your Friends Wish They Worked For

4. Do What’s Right

  • Stand behind our commitments
  • Actions speak loudest

5. Embrace and Drive Change

  • Challenge assumptions
  • Put forth alternatives

6. Communicate with Intention

  • Listen 1st. Think 2nd. Speak 3rd.
  • Forthright & respectful
  • Brevity – Enough said

Executive Team

Dave crop

David Thielen


303-499-2544 x1185

Blog: Dave's Blog

If you’re really interested in the compulsory list of impressive-sounding titles Dave has held, check out Dave’s LinkedIn profile. What the profile doesn’t tell you is Dave once created a game so compelling (Enemy Nations) that a now-professional World of Warcraft player lost his job because he played it incessantly on company time. Learn more about Dave from his online profile.


Patrick Bates

Director of Marketing

303-499-2544 x1203

A marketing and analysis leader with years of professional experience in the software and technology industry, Patrick has a natural ability for updating and improving processes ranging from small email campaigns to transcontinental advertising projects. When not at the office, Patrick can be found hiking and enjoying the beautiful mountain ranges of Colorado.


Ryan Fligg

Director of Product Management

303-499-2544 x1992

A systems integration innovator focusing on leading initiatives related to new products and product enhancements, Ryan improves brand marketing and client communications through client discussion and competitor evaluation.  Ryan draws on his years of experience in enterprise reporting by transforming technical concepts into straightforward messaging.  When Ryan is not improving Windward’s features he can be found traveling to neighboring countries or hiking and skiing the Bavarian Alps.

Shirley crop

Shirley Clawson

Strategic Advisor

A sought-after conference luminary, Shirley guided Windward as President/CEO between 2009 & 2014. Currently serving as a Strategic Advisor to the company, her career spans more than 25 years of leadership in the software industry, including enterprise solutions, document management, legal, mortgage processing, entertainment and educational software. Still on her bucket list: winning the Windward Chili Cookoff contest.

calendarCompany History

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flagWindward: Just the Facts

Ten things you might not know about Windward.

  1. Windward was named for founder Dave Thielen’s childhood home on the windward side of Oahu, Hawaii.
  2. The company is headquartered in beautiful Boulder, Colorado.
  3. Windward is Windward Studios, which began as a game development studio that produced the popular and highly-rated RTS game Enemy Nations.
  4. We sponsor the annual Code Wars.
  5. Windward helps companies of all sizes, from small businesses to the Fortune 100 to government agencies.
  6. Our employees are awesome.
  7. Windward’s customers span 70 countries and 6 continents.
  8. We’re the makers of Dash, the iPad Google Analytics tool.
  9. Customers’ applications include financial statements, inventory reports, product-usage reports, purchase orders, invoices, training certificates, timesheets, and licenses.
  10. Windward commissioned one of the earliest “truly viral” online videos.

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