Windward's Powerful Java Report Engine

Reporting and document generation for your Java application.

view-datasheetWhat is Java Reporting and Document Generation?

It’s the powerful Windward Java Reporting Engine tailored for your Java application. The Java Engine works alongside AutoTag, Windward’s Office-based design tool as a component of the Windward Embedded Solution.

Used together, the Engine and AutoTag products give you free-form report design with a fast and flexible application component.

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Embedded Java Reporting Tools

The Java Engine is a set of code libraries that simplifies the process of adding reporting and document generation functionality into your new or existing application. You can integrate the Engine in as little as 14 lines of code.

The Windward Embedded Solution

Impressive Reporting Speed

The Windward Engine is so fast output is measured in pages per second, not seconds per page. There is no trade off between efficient memory use and fast speed. The Windward Engine doesn’t bog down your system and is ideal for embedding in your own software application. View the latest Engine Performance Testing Report.


Is the Java Engine for You?

Yes, if:

  • You are replacing your current or proprietary reporting solution
  • You are looking to integrate reporting or document generation into a new application
  • Your programmers are spending too much time designing templates
  • Your customers are demanding branded or unique templates


Your Programming Language is Our Priority

Java applications typically use Java as their language, but we know there are plenty of other options out there.  Check out the programming languages the Engine supports.


Catapult: Your Launching Point to Great Reporting

Every copy of the Windward Engine includes Catapult, an all-in-one tutorial, trial guide and launchpad. Catapult helps you get started quickly with integrating the Engine code libraries into your application. See what you can do with Catapult.


System Requirements

  • Java 1.4 or higher.
  • If you are running Java on a Unix system, all fonts used in the templates must be properly purchased and installed for a Unix system.


Looking for the .NET Report Engine instead?

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