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Grow your Business and Empower your Customers

Windward has partnered with OEMs, Systems Integrators, ASPs, Resellers and Value-Added Resellers (VARs) all over the world to deliver customizable reports and excellent support.

Partnering with Windward provides you with unmatched benefits, whether you’re:



The Advantages of Partnership

When you team with Windward, you give your end users the ability to create the reports or documents they need—exactly and intuitively.

    • Flexible pricing. We line up with your pricing model. We can mimic your SaaS model or any other model you use, even to your smallest account.
    • Customized reports and documents. Because end users design reports in Microsoft® Word and Excel®, they get the exact output they need.
    • Easy integration. Windward can be incorporated into your software offering with just 14 lines of code.
    • Development time savings. Our partners have saved “an order of magnitude” in development time thanks to the easy-to-use template design tool.


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Check Out Some Partnership Successes:




Nucleus Software

S.S. Mohanty Team Lead - Nucleus Development Group

The Results
  • Significant reduction in time spent on reporting.
  • Ability to meet tighter customer deadlines.
  • Reduced expensive development time spent on reporting, which was then focused on Nucleus’ core business.
  • Doubled report volume capability.

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"Before using Windward, I spent half my time designing and scripting reports. With Windward, we can lay out a report in Word and get immediate approval from the client."



Chuck Hanebuth - CEO

The Results
  • Licensing costs reduced by 40%.
  • Customized reports with focused data for each customer.
  • Interface in place for quick and slick template changes.
  • Maintained high quality product standards with Windward embedded reporting component.

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"Reporting is a small part of what we offer as a whole, but it’s a very important part. In order to provide the best possible product to our customers, we need to ensure that every piece of our offering is optimal."


Martin Stewart - Director of Strategy

The Results
  • Enabled analysts to add a new document in roughly an hour or less compared to the prior process of 1-2 full days.
  • Project cycles shortened from years to weeks. In a recent 6-week project, one employee created and performed multiple revisions to approximately 40 documents. AXE estimates this would have consumed several employee years with the previous tool.
  • Ability to have onsite prospect demos with template modifications then and there.

Read the AXE case study.

"Windward gives us the ability for any non-technical person to update forms and the flexibility for our customers to create and change document templates themselves without needing IT involvement."

Aspect Security Systems

Jeff Williams - CEO

The Results
  • Reports created in 1/10th the time compared to Aspect’s previous solution.
  • New ability for complex and professional report output.
  • Easily modified reports and custom report formats for individual customers.

Read the Aspect Security case study.

"The development time is where we see a real advantage. It's an order of magnitude faster to develop a report with Windward Reports."


Backbone Digital Systems

Michael Bjerregaard Pedersen - Implementation Lead

The Results
  • Report creation time slashed to 1/5th of the previous amount.
  • Report design process shortened with ability to reuse XML export.
  • Customized reports with specific data delivered in the specified channel (onscreen, email, archive storage) for each customer.
  • RTF templates with enhanced report layout for individual customers.

Read the Backbone Digital Systems case study.

"Implementing Windward was very straightforward. The added benefit of being able to create individually designed templates for each report for each customer is the best argument for separating layout and data, and it saves us a lot of time both short term and long term."


David Boodey - VP of Technology

The Results
  • Able to use existing report templates with a streamlined conversion process.
  • Enabled non-IT staff to design reports.
  • Customized reports with relevant data drawn from manufacturers’ internal databases.
  • Rich data access for more than 300 rep companies, 100 suppliers, and 50 direct buyers worldwide to 50,000 products from 500+ brands.

Read the RepLink case study.

"There was tremendous time savings in being able to take the layouts of the old templates and just have to make minor hooks into Windward data sources."