Freedom from the traditional constraints of reporting

What is Javelin?

Javelin is an out-of-the-box Web application that gives you the freedom to generate and schedule reports and documents with no programming required. Javelin can run on either your intranet or the Internet as a standalone tool or as a component of a larger platform-agnostic solution.  Javelin is one part of the Windward Packaged Solution (see below for more detail).

What Can You Do with Javelin?

Deploy Web-Based Reporting Out of the Box

With Javelin, your solution is ready to go without any programming. Go ahead and empower your end users. Upload, download, reload and run reports anytime, anywhere.

Customize Your User Interface

Javelin comes with a standard UI skin that you can customize or brand to satisfy your customer or internal needs.

Design Templates in a Familiar, Free-Form Interface

AutoTag, the template design tool that comes with Javelin, lets you create report and document templates in Microsoft Office — making data layout easier than ever. Instead of battling a proprietary reporting interface such as Crystal Reports, you design reports on your desktop just like any other document with Office’s powerful formatting and features.

Control Who Has Access

Javelin features a simple management layer with a secure login. With Javelin’s user accounts, you designate who has authorized access to specific templates and associated data.

Schedule Reports to Run Automatically

Eliminate the inconvenience of manual daily, weekly or monthly report production. Schedule your reports to be automatically run and dispatched via email.

Integrate into Any Application

In need of reporting or docgen functionality for your application? With Javelin, it doesn’t matter what language and platform you are using because you work in your favorite programming environment. Integrate Javelin using a simple RESTful API that can be called from browsers and all major programming languages.

Expect Great Documentation and Support

Javelin includes full documentation and a professional support team. Our online documentation includes tutorials, code samples, and everything else you might need. We measure ourselves by our response times and as our customer Mark Knutson at LESA says, “Windward as an agency has been great to work with. They’ve been really responsive.”

How Does Javelin Fit in the Windward Packaged Solution?

The Windward Packaged Solution

Javelin is a complete Web application for reporting and document generation. You create templates in AutoTag, the tool that lets you design reports and documents in Microsoft Office, and upload them to Javelin to generate customized reports from your data.  All use cases with Javelin involve at least one instance of AutoTag.

System Requirements

  • Windows operating system (Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Server 2005, Windows Server 2008, or Windows Server 2008 R2)
  • Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS)
  • The “.NET Framework 3.5.1 Features” Feature with all sub-components (“.NET Framework 3.5.1″ and “WCF Activation”)
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2008 (any edition, including Express)

Expect Exceptional Support

Windward delivers quick and courteous customer support, with a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers.*

Our product support includes full documentation, 3-minute express training, live or on-demand training webinars, tutorials, examples, code samples, and everything else you might need. In the words of our customers at RepLink, “Customer service is outstanding. Windward does just what we need it to do.”

*How do we know this? Each month, we tally our satisfaction scores from post-support surveys.

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