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Learn about reporting software best practices; including how to eliminate the reporting bottleneck, easy ways to create more effective reports, how to achieve higher reporting ROI and much more with Windward’s reporting and document generation white papers.

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Beautiful Reports: The Non-Designer’s Guide to Designing Business Documents

We designed this e-book to help you – the non-designer business professional – create scrumptious reports. In it, we serve up tips and techniques on how to design documents that wow your customers, your colleagues and your bosses. Download the white paper.

Your Data: Friend or Foe? 11 Tips for Creating a Reporting-Friendly Database

At Windward Studios, we’ve seen time and again how structuring customer data first leads to huge time savings in report design later. This paper covers the basics of data organization and features 11 useful tips to help you organize your data in a way that will save you time and expense. Download the white paper.

Let Reporting Be Your Competitive Advantage

Upgrading your reporting is one of the quickest ways to get the most bang for your development buck. In many cases, you can install a ready-to-run system that will work with your current setup. Download this free white paper for 4 facts and 8 compelling examples of why you should upgrade your software product’s reporting component.  Download the white paper.

The Complete Checklist for Reporting Software

Many software vendors make the same claims about the pure amazingness of their products, but those won’t tell you whether their software will ultimately become your competitive advantage. To help your efforts, we’ve created a checklist that asks the questions that quickly guide you to the finish line: selecting the specific reporting solution that’s best for your unique situation. Download the white paper.




What is Reporting?

When we think of reports we think of rows and columns of data, or sometimes tables and graphs used to represent inventory, usage, distribution, sales. But there is more to reporting than you might think. In this quick look at what reports really are, we see a broader spectrum of documents that are actually reports. Download the white paper.

How to Smash the Reporting Bottleneck

Report writing creates an expensive bottleneck for many companies because it demands ongoing, iterative involvement from in-house developers. This white paper describes a novel approach to report writing which allows business users to layout elegant reports using Microsoft Word® as the layout tool. Download the white paper.

Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Reporting

This white paper will make you an expert on what reporting is, what reporting software does, which key questions to ask when choosing an enterprise reporting system, and why reporting matters to YOU. Download the white paper.



Document Generation (DocGen)

Document Generation Done Right

Time and money are too precious to be wasted through inefficiencies in document generation. Learn the benefits of free-form design within a familiar interface by reading this white paper and why Windward works. Download the white paper.

What’s Up, Doc?

The definitive guide to document generation, document management, document assembly, document automation, document creation, document collaboration, document generator and document converter – phew! This guide explains key terms, shows you how they’re related, and introduces you to various software programs on the market today. Download the white paper.


Reporting in Software Applications

The Top 10 Reasons Why Reporting Software is the OEM’s Killer App

If you could pick just one improvement to your offering that would ensure you’d win more sales, what would it be? An additional feature or functionality? Enhanced database security? Improved data collection? Try again. The best way to attract more customers—and keep them—is to upgrade your software’s reporting component. Download the white paper.

Buy vs. Build: Incorporating Reporting into Your Software Application

When you are racing to market with your software application,  the reporting writer gets added in last. But reporting is a crucial function of the offering.  When every second counts, is it better to buy a reporting tool or to try and build your own? We’ll help you weigh the pros and the cons of each approach and help you navigate the road to market. Download the white paper.



Data & Databases

The Importance of Data Representation

Great data is useless if you can’t share it, or have it make your case. Data representation is the difference between having an effective report vs. a bunch of useless information. Having The Best Reporting Tool to allow the right person to show the relevant facts in an interesting way, makes all difference in getting a report you can use. Download the white paper.



Reporting with Microsoft Tools

Excel Aces Report Design

Excel is a commonly used application by analysts everywhere across virtually all industries. Yet there is so much data that Excel can’t handle. Excel’s powerful functionality can also be limiting. With Windward, however, you can give Excel the power of your enterprise. From SQL datasources to SharePoint Lists, Excel can be one powerful reporting tool. Download the white paper.



Software Development

Don’t Be a Sinner! How To Overcome the Seven Deadly Sins of Getting Budget Approval

After you download this paper you’ll know the steps to take before you evaluate a new software application, which key tools persuade the budget decision makers, and how to show your bosses what lost opportunity will cost your company. You’ll also discover the biggest objection to purchasing new software – and how to overcome it while getting the budget approval you need. Download the white paper.

Surefire DNS Failover on a Budget

Businesses everywhere depend on their websites for customer communication, enhanced branding and increased market reach. But for too many enterprises, options for keeping this vital channel always up and always on are somewhat bleak. This paper describes how a Windward created a unique, affordable solution and achieved almost perfect uptime – 99.9999 percent – on less than $6,500 per year.  Download the white paper.