Windward's Web-Based Reporting

Quickly and easily generate and schedule reports through a secure Web interface.


Cloud Reporting

Just need to add reporting to your Web-Based Application? Great!

The Windward product suite easily embeds advanced reporting and document generation functionality into your existing software application.

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Easy Report Writer

Or do you need an Out-Of-The-Box, Web-Based Reporting Solution?

Windward offers Javelin, a pre-built Web application that gives you the freedom to generate and schedule reports and documents without any programming. Javelin can run on either your intranet or the Internet as a standalone tool or as a component of a larger platform-agnostic solution.

Non-developer employees and end users apply the Windward AutoTag design tool to create their report templates in Microsoft® Office®, a tool they already know. Users can then securely schedule, run, and distribute those reports when and where they want, in widely used and widely accepted formats.

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Expect Exceptional Support

Windward delivers quick and courteous customer support, with a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers.*

Our product support includes full documentation, 3-minute express training, live or on-demand training webinars, tutorials, examples, code samples, and everything else you might need. In the words of our customers at RepLink, “Customer service is outstanding. Windward does just what we need it to do.”

*How do we know this? Each month, we tally our satisfaction scores from post-support surveys.


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